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Love Your Skin: 5 Reasons to Switch to Organic Skincare

Did you know the average woman uses 12 cosmetic products containing 168 unique chemical ingredients every day?

Continued exposure to these chemicals can harm your skin.

Yes, those non-organic toners, skin moisturizers, and cleansers – you name them- may improve your appearance in the short-term, but they can cause irritation and speed up the aging of your skin.

But why put your health on the line while you can use all natural, organic products that can deliver better results without exposing you to any danger?

Here are 5 reasons to switch to organic skincare.

Read on.

1. Keep Dangerous Chemicals Off Your Body

Your skin is like a sponge.

It can soak in 64 percent of the substances applied to it. This means what you put on your skin is what you put in your body.

Using non-organic skincare products containing hundreds of chemicals is a sure way of letting them into your body and causing damage.

On the other hand, organic products don’t contain harmful ingredients, so toxins have no chance of getting near you.

2. Nourish Your Skin (and Body)

Maybe your skin’s high absorption rate sounds like bad news.

Well, here is the awesome bit. You can use its absorption ability to your advantage by applying nutrient-rich substances on it.

Organic beauty products contain clean, natural ingredients that will nourish your skin and provide your body with essential nutrients.

For instance, coconut oil can flush out dead cells from your skin, strengthen the epidermal tissue and prevent bad cholesterol from building up in your body.

Other best ingredients for natural skincare include almond oil, apple cider vinegar, raw honey, sea salt and aloe vera.

That’s killing two birds with one stone, no doubt!

3. Underregulated Cosmetics Industry

Perhaps you’ve used conventional cosmetics for years without any adverse health effects.

Why switch to organic skincare when everything seems to be going on well for you?

You may rethink your stance after reading this.

Cosmetic products are not subject to FDA-approval before hitting the shelves. Therefore, nothing stops manufacturers from sneaking in chemicals that could harm your skin and health in the future.

Using unapproved products with potentially harmful chemicals is simply not worth the risk.

4. Organic Skincare Saves the Environment

The benefits of using organic skincare products are not only felt in your body, but also in the environment around you.

Climate change isn’t a hoax. It’s happening; rivers are running dry and deserts are getting even hotter.

However, we have an opportunity to make things right with mother nature, and choosing organic products helps to reduce environmental damage.

While non-organic compounds contain compounds of petroleum, lead, aluminum and other minerals whose mining and production impacts the environment significantly, organic products are full of ingredients that don’t pose danger to the environment.

5. Embrace a Simpler Lifestyle

Living a simple life is satisfying because you start giving more attention to things that matter to you.

Choosing organic skincare simplifies your life and gives you a greater peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about reading product labels to spot harmful ingredients every time you purchase a product or lose your sleep because a skin disease could be lurking around.

Furthermore, you can learn how to make do-it-yourself skin recipes, so you can cut back on your skincare budget significantly.

The Bottom Line

As more people become aware of the hidden dangers lurking in non-organic cosmetic products, natural products will be the future of skincare.

Already, 54 percent of women want their skincare products to be all natural.

It’s time to join the movement and grow a dazzling skin the natural way, and help save our planet, too.


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