Which is the Best Aromatherapy Diffuser for Your Home?

Aromatherapy isn’t just another buzz word or fad.

It has a proven track record which dates back thousands of years.

However in recent decades, the popularity of Aromatherapy has grown considerably. Not just commercially, but also in the areas of Western and natural medicine.

As a result, you need to beware of synthetic products which claim to have aromatherapeutic properties.
Only essential plant oils possess the beneficial properties needed to get the most from your nose.

In Addition, by using an essential oil diffuser, you can spread the oil’s positive benefits throughout your living space.

This guide will help you follow the scent and find the best aromatherapy diffuser for your home.

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy therapy uses essential plant oils for healing purposes and dates back roughly 6,000 years.

It was widely used by the ancient Chinese, Egyptians, and Greeks for a variety of therapeutic, hygienic, and ritualistic purposes.

It is now found in settings ranging from hospitals to health spas, and is used to treat many different conditions.

As an example, Essential Oils like lavender, rose, and sandalwood have been proven to relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress, and even depression.

What’s the best aromatherapy diffuser for you?

There’s no definite answer to this question, but don’t stress! There are four basic types of diffusers:

  • Heat diffusers
    • With these, heat is used to gradually raise the temperature of essential oils, slowly dispersing the aroma.
  • Evaporative diffusers
    • In this instance, a fan is used to blow air through a pad or filter containing oil drops. This causes them to evaporate more quickly.
  • Ultrasonic and humidifying diffusers
    • These devices create a mix of water and essential oil mist released into the air.
  • Nebulizer diffusers
    • With Nebulizers, an atomizer produces microscopic particles. Then it releases them into the air.

Features to consider

As a result of their popularity, the products available now have features as varied as their scents.

Thus, when making your decision, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Does the diffuser have a timer or automatic shutoff function?
    • Features such as these are great ways to use diffusers without worry and for longer durations.
  • How much area will the unit cover?
    • If it will be used in larger rooms, consider a high capacity unit.
  • Will it make noise?
    • To avoid unwanted buzzing or whirring, it is recommended to consider a heat diffuser instead of an evaporative unit.

Tips and precautions

While diffusers are a safer alternative to burning candles, there are few key points to consider before using an essential oil diffuser:

  • Thicker oils will diffuse or evaporate at a slower rate.
  • Allow old oils to evaporate completely before changing types.
  • Be sure to monitor oil and water levels to prevent diffusers from burning out.
  • Ensure the device is placed on a stable surface.
  • Never use undiluted essential oils on your skin.
  • Not all essential oils are ideal for aromatherapy.
  • Essential oils are flammable and should be kept away from potential fire hazards.

So… where can you buy one?

With the increasing popularity of at-home aromatherapy, diffusers can be found in almost any home goods store.

But if you’re looking for a wide selection to choose from, head over to Amazon.com. There you will find the best aromatherapy diffuser that suits your needs.

Shopping online also allows you to browse user reviews before taking it home.

There are many diffusers on the market. Thus finding one that fits your style and budget can be as easy as one-click-ordering.

If you’re in need of immediate stress relief and can’t wait for a new diffuser, check out this video. If you already have an oil diffuser in your home, leave a comment in the space below and share your experience!

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