The 7 Timeless Beauty Tips that Keep Women Looking Gorgeous At Any Age

If you’ve been looking for natural ways to look younger, we’ve got the best timeless beauty secrets anyone at any age can follow.

Check out these 7 tips for looking young.

1. Moisturize.

But use the right moisturizer for your age and skin type.

Our skin gets drier, thinner, and more sensitive as we age. It’s important to use the right products to address specific concerns such as wrinkles, fine lines, brown spots, uneven skin tone, and so on.

Anti-agers such as retinol are great for fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. If you have wrinkles and age spots that have set in, you need a product that can increase collagen and even out pigment such as moisturizers packed with peptides.

For dehydrated skin caused by hormonal changes, a moisturizer with glycolic acid is your best bet. Glycolic acid increases cell turnover so skin stays smooth.


2. Apply your makeup the right way.

Heavy makeup can make you look older than you actually are.

You want to use products that don’t settle in lines and wrinkles. You also want to avoid dangerous ingredients in your cosmetics.

Other timeless beauty makeup tips you should remember:

  • Prep your skin before applying makeup. Don’t forget to exfoliate and moisturize.
  • Use a foundation primer.
  • Choose a foundation with just enough coverage, minimizing the need for concealer.
  • Loose, finely-milled face powder is your friend.
  • Matte lipsticks accentuate lip wrinkles. Opt for satin finish lipsticks instead.
  • Switch to brown or dark gray eyeliner and mascara.
  • Soft colors such as rose and apricot for blush look great on mature skin.

3. Load up on anti-aging foods.

Timeless beauty isn’t just about the products you put on your skin.

Nutrition also plays an important role in keeping your skin smooth and radiant.

You want to make sure you eat a variety of foods so you can get all the vitamins and minerals you need.

The next time you go grocery shopping, try adding these anti-aging foods to your list: oats, oranges, avocados, lean beef, Brussels sprouts, salmon, and grapes.

4. Pick up the weights.

Did you know that we start to lose muscle mass and function at some point in our 30s?

This is especially true for physically inactive people. They can lose as much as 3% to 5% of their muscle mass each decade after age 30.

It is, therefore, important for everyone to build muscle mass. The more you build, the faster your metabolism and the easier it is to lose weight and keep it off. Strength training also decreases your risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, as well as the likelihood of injury.

Make sure you get your doctor’s OK before trying these strength-training exercises: reverse lunges, bent over rows, bicep hammer curls, dumbbell pullovers, and squats.

5. Keep your hair healthy and strong.

Although you can’t completely control graying of hair, there are things you can do when the density of your hair decreases or when its texture becomes brittle.

If you’re fond of coloring your hair, opt for nontoxic dyes and consult a stylist regarding the cut and color that will best complement your changing looks. Also make sure your diet includes foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, E, and C and omega-3 fatty acids for stronger locks.

6. Get enough shut-eye.

While you sleep, your body repairs and recovers itself. Other benefits of sleeping 7 to 9 quality hours each night include:

  • Fewer wrinkles
  • A more radiant complexion
  • Brighter, less puffy eyes
  • Healthier, fuller hair
  • Happier, healthier appearance; and
  • Beauty products work better.

7. Smile for timeless beauty.

Take it from Beyonce, “A woman is most beautiful when she smiles.”

Smiling makes you more approachable and it’s contagious. And even if you’re faking it, pasting a smile on your face can improve your mood and reduce stress.

Need more reasons to smile today?

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